The Best Investing Podcasts for Beginners in 2020

The Best Investing Podcasts for Beginners in 2020


The past two years, two things have had a profound impact on my learning: audiobooks and podcasts.

I listen to roughly 100 podcasts per month, and usually at a 1.5x speed.

I have listened to some podcasts for quite a while, but some have removed from my queue.

In this blog post, I lay out the best podcasts for beginners and advanced listeners in 2020!

What is a podcast?

You could call a podcast a new radio show.

From the start, I thought that podcasts only included shows where people would talk without a script.

Since I love learning, my mind was blown by so many great podcasts to listen to if I wanted to learn new topics.

A podcast can be in different formats such as:

  • Monolog
  • Interview
  • Moderator

Some podcasts come out once a week, and some come out daily.

What podcast application should you use?

There are a lot of different podcast applications to use. I have tried most of them, and I prefer Pocket Casts.

Some other alternatives are:

The best investing podcasts in 2020

In the list below, I have included my favorite investing podcasts for beginners. However, these podcasts are not just for beginners, but should also interest more advanced listeners.

Here is the full list of all my favorite podcasts. If you want to read more about the podcasts, scroll down below.

The best investing podcasts for beginners in 2020

Freakonomics radio

best investing podcasts for beginners - Freakonomics radio

The Freakonomics Radio show, similar to the Freakonomics book, covers one interesting financial topic per episode.

How to money

best investing podcasts for beginners - how to money

The how to money podcast is a personal finance podcast, suited for more of a beginner audience.

Listen money matters

best investing podcasts for beginners - listen money matters

Listen money matters is a personal finance podcast aimed at the beginner and intermediate listener.

Industry focus

Podcasts about Investing

The industry focus podcast from The Motley Fool delivers episodes covering a specific industry.

Market Foolery

Podcasts about Investing - Market Foolery

Great podcast from the Motley Fool where they dig into stock news.

Marketplace All-in-One

Marketplace has several great podcasts, but I prefer to listen to the Marketplace All-in-One podcast, containing all of their podcasts.


The Money Lab podcast is a personal finance podcast aimed at the beginner and intermediate listener.

Motley Fool Money Podcast

Podcasts about Investing

Motley Fool Money airs every week and is similar to Market Foolery. Fool Money by the Motley Fool

NPR: Planet Money

The Planet Money podcast from NPR covers an exciting topic within economics in each episode. A lot of compelling pieces here!

Best planet money epides include:

<my favorites>

NPR: Business story of the day


Listening to podcasts is an excellent way of learning new topics.

I think it’s a good idea to listen to different types of investment podcasts. Some podcasts cover the latest news, and some include more evergreen topics.

What podcasts do you listen to? Please leave a comment below!

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